2019 Ornament

by Maria on November 27th, 2019

Six years ago, Kelley's Heroes launched a series of Christmas ornaments. The first featured instrument was the valve trombone, the second was the bass drum, and the third was the snare drum. The fourth ornament celebrated our 25th anniversary and featured the sousaphone. The fifth featured instrument was the saxophone, and the sixth was the clarinet.

This year's featured instrument is the trumpet. Our trumpet players are Doug, Mike B., Tyler, Matt H., Kayla, Tom J., Bob, Arnie and Scott W.

The trumpet can trace its roots back as far as 1500 BC when its ancestors were used to give signals in battle or during hunting. These early horns were straight or coiled tubes that were limited to notes in the overtone series. To play in different keys, horn players had to add crooks, lengths of additional tubing, to change the pitch of the fundamental.

Valves were introduced in the 1300s, filling in the other notes and making horns more useful to composers. Today trumpets are very useful in almost every kind of ensemble and almost every style of music, especially marching band.
Our founder, Tim Kelley, was a talented trumpet player and a great showman. He would often hold his trumpet up at an angle, the way it is pictured on the ornament, when he was "showing off."

The flat acrylic ornaments are 3" inches in diameter. For a suggested donation of $5, you can start your own collection of Kelley's Heroes ornaments.  If you would like this one or any of the ones from previous years, send us a message by clicking on Contact on the navigation bar at the top of this Web page.

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