Rush FD Parade 2015

by Maria on July 19th, 2015

It was another beautiful evening for marching with our neighbors in the Clifton Fire Department. We were told that we looked snappy on the street, and, with 29 marchers, we sounded fantastic.

Five was the magic number tonight. There were five flutes: Aleesa, Elise, Irene, Karen G., and Tracey; five clarinets: Allie, Camille, Jess, Marcia, and Melody; five trumpets: Doug, Josh P,. Karen L., Maria, and Mike B.; five percussion: Steve and Jon on bass drum, Andy H. and Nancy on cymbals, and Scott on snare. Then add a couple of threes. There were three saxes: Jen, Steph and Margaret; and three trombones: Art, Tom P. and Pully. Add two banner carriers, Ed and Andy Z., one sousaphone, Don; a partridge in a pear tree, and you have 29 marchers.

Jess forgot her clarinet music. Luckily, Maria had an extra trumpet folder in her pouch, so Jess played trumpet parts.

Several of us march with more than one band. Arnie marched first with the Rush FD Band (red shirt), changed his shirt, and marched again with the East Rochester FD Band (white shirt). Then, at the beer tent, he played with both of them as well as with us. Go, Arnie!

Don H.'s grandson, Brody, celebrated his 4th birthday today. The only problem is he lives in Virginia. So, we played Happy Birthday while Ed recorded it on Don's phone. Then Papa D, as Don's grandchildren call him, sent it to his daughter Sarah, Brody's mom. She replied quickly saying it was amazing. Happy birthday, Brody!

Last Christmas, we added Let It Go from Frozen  to our library. we have had a few requests to add it to our marching books, and since Frozen  isn't really a Christmas movie, we did play it at the beer tent in Rush. It had a good reception, so listen for it in future parades.

Our next event is the Byron Heritage Festival on Saturday, July 25. The parade starts at 11:00 am and we'll be playing a short concert afterward at Community Park. See you there!

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