Mendon FD Parade 2015

by Maria on June 2nd, 2015

It was pouring rain when the parade was supposed to start at 6:30 pm, so parade organizers decided to delay the start of the parade until about 7 pm. That meant that most marchers were left standing in the rain. A few homeowners opened their garages for shelter, and the Penfield FD opened an awning on one of their trucks. Still many of us stood out in the rain and  got soaked to the skin. At least it was a warm rain.

One Hero deserves an award for staying fairly dry. Irene was walking down Hopper Hills Way and, seeing that the Fairport FD had a tent set up, decided to shelter there until about 6:30 pm. Thinking the parade was going to start, she made her way to the Bushnell's Basin FD, with whom we were marching. When it started raining again, Irene went to the tailgate party with command staff at the back of the chief's car. She was not completely dry, but she was drier than everyone else.

Our banner carriers were Annalise, Leah and Martha. Annalise is the daughter of Tim Henry, a Cal-Mum graduate. Leah is her friend, and Martha is her mother. Ed and Andy carried the banner from the parking lot to the staging area, but they sought shelter from the rain along with Jen and Camille in a different location. When Margaret didn't them, she thought they might have decided to leave because of the rain and they might have left the banner at her truck. If that were the case, Annalise and Leah would have nothing to carry.  So, Margaret ran all the way back to her truck to check for the banner, found nothing, and ran all the way back to the staging area. Ed, Andy and banner showed up just as we lined up to march, and Annalise and Leah had a banner to carry.

Jess, who carried the banner on Memorial Day, played clarinet tonight. Jon and Steve played bass drum, so Andy played cymbals and showed Nancy and Emily a few techniques. Pully and Maria played trumpet with Doug. Jen unintentionally left her lyre in her saxophone case, so she played as much as she could from memory.

Our next event is the York FD Parade on Friday, June 5. See you there!

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