by Maria on September 20th, 2019

This was one of those times when getting to the parade was the hardest part of the day. As usual, several streets were closed for the festivities. This meant that all traffic had to enter and exit the parking lot at the fairgrounds through one driveway on the south side. There were a couple of parade volunteers greeting cars at the driveway, but they were taking too long with each car. Soon traffic was backed up all the way to the main road - in both directions! Finally, a State Trooper came and talked to the volunteers and traffic started to move a little faster. A couple of our marchers spent more than fifteen minutes in stand-still traffic.

Kristen likes to play the small bass drum. Steve and Margaret keep the drums at their house, but they were out of town, so Maria went to get the drum. She brought the right drum but the wrong harness. Fortunately, Kristen has her own drum from marching with The Mark Time Marchers, so she used that one.

Josh's daughter, Lilly, and her friend, Julie, carried the banner. Lilly plays trumpet in her school band, and Julie used to play cello. They were fun to talk to before the parade, and they did a great job marching in the parade.

For woodwinds, we had Cindy and Maria on alto sax and Jack on tenor sax. For brass, we had Bob and Tom on trumpet, Scott M. on trombone and Josh on sousaphone. For percussion, we had Scott W. on snare drum and Kristen on bass drum.

This marks the end of our summer marching season. We'll be switching gears to prepare for our Christmas parades: The Santa Claus Parade in Toronto and the Hometown Holidays Parade in Caledonia. See you there!

Posted on August 5th, 2019

It was another beautiful evening. warm and dry. We were fortunate to have a spot under a shade tree while we were waiting for the parade to begin.

We marched with our friends in the Chili FD.

Tyler was our only trumpet, and he had never marched alone as our only trumpet. However, he rose to the challenge and played his part well. Good job, Tyler!

At one point, Kim was enthusiastically cheering. She was channeling Art, who couldn't make it to this parade.

For woodwinds, we had Irene and Tracey on flute and Kim on clarinet. For brass, we had Tyler on trumpet, Maria playing trombone parts on alto sax, and Don H. on helicon (sousaphone). For percussion, we had Scott M. on snare drum and Andy on bass drum. Later, in the beer tent, Scott M. switched to trombone, and Don S. - who was marching with the Mark Time Marchers - covered the snare drum parts.

At this point, the fire department parades are done for 2019. We still have the Palmyra Canal Town Days Parade in September. See you there!

by Maria on July 28th, 2019

It's been a few years since Byron had it Heritage Festival, so we were happy to be invited to participate again this year. Unfortunately, there were many factors working against us. Many people were away; traditionally, the last week in July and the first week in August are popular vacation weekends. The parade fell in the middle of the day at 1:00 pm, making it difficult for people who are trying to schedule other things. Being in the middle of the day also made it very hot, and many of our older members have a hard time marching and playing their instruments in the heat.

Nevertheless, we did it and we had a great time! We had a very small group, but we chose music that suited our instrumentation and played it well. We even stayed afterward and played several tunes in the park pavilion.

Tom J. and his daughter, Kayla, deserve extra credit for determination. First, they drove all the way from Fairport. When they arrived in Byron, the roads were already closed for the parade and they couldn't get through. The parade staff person gave Tom directions for driving around to the other side of town so they could get closer to the start of the parade on Caswell Road. Just as we were stepping off, we saw two red shirts standing at the corner. They jumped in line and off we went.

Andy also deserves extra credit for creativity. Before the parade, we talked about what would maximize our resources: snare drum or bass drum. Andy made the case for bass drum, and he made the the most of playing a steady modified street beat for the duration of the parade.

So, we had a brass quartet consisting of Tom J. and Kayla on trumpet, Scott M. on trombone. and Maria on sousaphone accompanied by Andy on bass drum.

Our next event is the Clifton FD Parade on Friday. See you there!

by Maria on July 13th, 2019

It was a beautiful evening for a parade; warm, dry and clear. We marched with our friends in the Clifton Fire Department.

For woodwinds, we had Kelly on clarinet and Margaret and Mike H. on alto sax. For brass, we had Maria playing trumpet parts on alto sax, Scott M. on trombone and Don H. on helicon. For percussion, we had Steve on snare drum, Jon on bass drum and Andy on cymbals.

Update: We won First Place in Kendall for Best Drum and Bugle Corps.

Update: We won First Place in Hamlin for Non-Fire Department Band.

Our next event is the Byron Heritage Festival Parade and Concert on Saturday, July 27. See you there!

Posted on July 13th, 2019

Hilton has always been one of our favorite parades, and we were happy to be marching with our friends in the Kendall Fire Department.

The evening started out warm and humid. As we were warming up, we felt the first few drops of rain. A steady light rain continued throughout the parade, and we were quite wet by the end. As a matter of fact, we were wet enough that we decided to forego the beer tent. Ironically, the song that came up in the judging area was Splish, Splash. The audience loved it!

Jodi forgot her hat, and Bob came to the rescue. He just happened to have his wife's hat in the trunk of his car, so Jodi had a hat to borrow for the parade.
There were three Trosts! Many years ago, Marcia marched with Kelley's Heroes as a member of the color guard. Then, as often happens in life, other responsibilities filled up her schedule and she didn't have time to march any more. However, when Marcia found out that her brother, Matt, and nephew, Isaac, were marching a few parades with us, she asked if she could play cymbals like she did in high school.

For woodwinds, we had Kelly and Jodi on clarinet; Margaret and Mike H. on alto sax; Jack on tenor sax. For brass we had Doug, Matt  H. and Bob on trumpet; Scott M. and Zach on trombone and Maria on sousaphone. For percussion, we had Matt T. and Steve on snare drum; Isaac on bass drum; Andy and Marcia on cymbals; Theresa on bells.

Our next event is the Rush FD Parade tomorrow night. See you there!

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