Hometown Holidays Weekend in Caledonia & Mumford 2019

by Maria on December 10th, 2019

The temperature was just above freezing, and it was mostly cloudy with a few breaks of sunshine. In Western NY, this is considered good weather for December, so there was a big crowd, especially in the stretch between the monument and the fire hall.

In keeping with our tradition, we marched 360 degrees around the monument, but breaking tradition, we went clockwise this year. Just  as we were coming out of the circle, Mel appeared. We were marching in rows of three, but the flute/clarinet row made room for her to make one row of four.

Usually, we are near the end of the parade in front of Santa, but this year we were closer to the front. When we reached the fire hall, we continued playing as though we were on the street.

We welcomed Jason, a new trumpet player. Many of already know Jason through other bands. We have been working on him for a couple of years to join Kelley's Heroes, and we finally succeeded. He stood out as the man in black.

Pam stopped by to see us, She was there with her granddaughter. Pam played clarinet with Kelley's Heroes for many years but had to take a break. We hope she'll march again soon. Stephanie had a craft table inside the fire hall. She came out to see us while we were playing out front. If we had cymbals, she would have played with us, but they were in Steve's truck back on Maple Street.

For color guard, we had Bob K. and Dennis carrying the banner. For woodwinds, we had Tara on flute; Mel, Kelly and Karen on clarinet; Steve on alto sax; Jack and Maria on tenor sax. For brass, we had Tom J., Bob and Jason on trumpet; Scott M. on trombone; Don H. on helicon (sousaphone); For percussion, we had Don S. on snare drum; Jon and Kristen on bass drum; Andy on cymbals.

This is our last parade of 2019. We'll be back in 2020 starting with the Rochester St. Patrick's Day Parade. See you there!

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