Hilton FD Parade

Posted on July 13th, 2019

Hilton has always been one of our favorite parades, and we were happy to be marching with our friends in the Kendall Fire Department.

The evening started out warm and humid. As we were warming up, we felt the first few drops of rain. A steady light rain continued throughout the parade, and we were quite wet by the end. As a matter of fact, we were wet enough that we decided to forego the beer tent. Ironically, the song that came up in the judging area was Splish, Splash. The audience loved it!

Jodi forgot her hat, and Bob came to the rescue. He just happened to have his wife's hat in the trunk of his car, so Jodi had a hat to borrow for the parade.
There were three Trosts! Many years ago, Marcia marched with Kelley's Heroes as a member of the color guard. Then, as often happens in life, other responsibilities filled up her schedule and she didn't have time to march any more. However, when Marcia found out that her brother, Matt, and nephew, Isaac, were marching a few parades with us, she asked if she could play cymbals like she did in high school.

For woodwinds, we had Kelly and Jodi on clarinet; Margaret and Mike H. on alto sax; Jack on tenor sax. For brass we had Doug, Matt  H. and Bob on trumpet; Scott M. and Zach on trombone and Maria on sousaphone. For percussion, we had Matt T. and Steve on snare drum; Isaac on bass drum; Andy and Marcia on cymbals; Theresa on bells.

Our next event is the Rush FD Parade tomorrow night. See you there!

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