Kendall FD Parade 2019

by Maria on June 23rd, 2019

Earlier in the day, there was heavy rain in some parts of Western New York. It was a pleasant surprise when we arrived in Kendall and found that it was not raining at all. The fields behind the carnival were dry enough that visitors could still park there without sinking into the mud.

Even so, the rainy weather still had an effect on our instrumentation. Don H. was planning to march and play his helicon (sousaphone). However, Don H. works for the highway department, and because of flooding in Mt. Morris, he had to work, so Maria played sousaphone.

We marched with our friends in the Kendall Fire Department. As we were standing on the grass warming up with Rocky Mountain Way, the parade started to move forward. We strolled to the street and got in line without missing a beat.

Matt T. and Isaac had so much fun in Hamlin, they came back to play percussion for us again tonight. Steve, who normally plays saxophone and occasionally plays bass drum, has also been working on snare drum. He played side-by-side with Matt T. and picked up several useful pointers. Having Matt T. on snare freed up Scott M. to play trombone.

Jodi was feeling rather confident. She was the only clarinet, and she was playing as loud as she could. In the beer tent, she even requested The Stripper, but the beer tent band was just getting started so we had to stop. Don't worry, Jodi, we'll play The Stripper the next time you march with us.

For woodwinds, we had Jodi on clarinet and Margaret on alto sax. For brass, we had Doug, Tyler and Bob on trumpet; Scott M. and Zach on trombone and Maria on sousaphone. For percussion we had Steve and Matt T. on snare drum; Isaac on bass drum; Andy on cymbals and Theresa on bells.

Update: We won First Place in Kendall for Best Drum and Bugle Corps.

Our next event is the Penfield Independence Day Parade on Saturday, June 28. See you there!

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