Hamlin FD Parade 2019

by Maria on June 15th, 2019

It rained last night, but today was cool and sunny. We marched with our friends in the Kendall/East Battalion Fire Departments.

We have two bass drummers – Andy and Jon – who coordinate their efforts to make sure we always have a bass drummer. When neither of the them is available, Steve. who usually plays alto sax, will step up and play bass drum. Tonight, none of them was available, so we recruited Isaac to play drum. An added bonus was that his father, Matt, offered to play snare drum. This arrangement freed up Scott M. to play trombone.

Theresa arrived after the police closed Route 19. She explained that she was marching. They still couldn’t let her through, but they did show her where to park to that she could join us. She reached the staging area with just a few minutes to spare.

When we were done for the evening, we had some extra equipment to carry out. Tom J. carried the bass drum, and Jack carried Tom J.’s trumpet. We reached the parking lot and Jack realized that the trumpet mouthpiece had fallen out. As we turned around to backtrack and search for the mouthpiece, Scott M.’s sister, Sheryl, caught up to us with the mouthpiece in her hand. She had seen it on the ground, had a feeling it belonged to one of us and picked it up. Thank you, Sheryl!

On the drive home, we were able to see Jupiter in the clear southern sky ahead of us. This is as close as it gets. Tonight it is only 398 million miles away.

We had Dennis on banner; Kelly and Karen on clarinet; Maria on alto sax; Jack on tenor sax; Doug, Tom J. and Bob on trumpet; Scott M. on trombone, Josh on sousaphone; Matt on snare drum; Isaac on bass drum and Theresa on bells.

Update: We found out that we took Second Place at the York FD Parade.

Update: We won First Place in Hamlin for Non-Fire Department Band.

Our next event is the Kendall FD Parade next Thursday. See you there!

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