York FD Parade 2019

by Maria on June 8th, 2019

This is the middle parade of the trifecta: Spencerport last night, York tonight and Bergen tomorrow. In previous years, we have lined up near the end on Craig Road. Tonight, we were much further forward and lined up right on Route 36.

We don't march with a fire department in this parade. However, since York is a neighboring community, and several of our members have strong ties to it, we usually draw good attendance for this event. Unfortunately, none of our trumpets could make it tonight, so Maria played trumpet parts on the alto sax. With all the parts covered, the group had a good sound. Jack joked that our group should stay together and keep marching north through the night until we reach Bergen in time for tomorrow's parade.

After the parade, we played in the beer tent. We were only going to play a couple of songs, since most of us are going to play again tomorrow. However, we were having such a good time, we stayed a little longer than planned.

Dennis carried the banner. We had Irene, Tracey and Tara on flute; Kim and Karen R. on clarinet; Margaret and Maria on alto sax; Jack on tenor sax; Art on trombone; Don H. on helicon; Scott M. on snare drum; Steve on bass drum; Andy on cymbals.

Update: We took Second Place at the York FD Parade.

Our next event is the Bergen Park Festival and Concert tomorrow. See you there!

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