Buffalo St. Patrick's Day Parade 2019

by Maria on April 21st, 2019

Our 27th season has officially begun with the Buffalo St. Patrick's Day Parade. We marched with the Ancient Order of Hibernians as we have done for many years. We were wearing layers under our winter uniforms; they were wearing kilts! The temperature was just at the freezing point, and it was sunny and breezy, The sun made the air feel warmer; then the wind would blow and make the air feel colder. 

Standing around waiting for the parade to start is always the most tedious part. We pass the time socializing, On this occasion, we were especially saddened by the recent news that Mike W.'s wife, Kelly, had died. A while back, Kelly had played a few parades with us and had even gone to Toronto on one occasion. She is remembered as having a bubbly personality. After their two children were born, she opted to stay home with them so that Mike could go to Toronto. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike and his family during this sad time.

Once we got on the street, marching helped to generate some body heat to stay warm. The parade route is about a mile in a straight line heading north on Delaware Avenue. That means that at the end of the parade we have to walk about a mile south to get back to our cars. Since Don H. carried the heaviest instrument, a helicon, during the parade, Steve offered to carry it on return trip.

Mike H. and Dennis carried the banner. For woodwinds, we had Kelly and Karen R. on clarinet, Margaret on alto sax and Jack and Maria on tenor sax. For brass, we had Matt H. and Bob on trumpet and Don H. on tuba. For percussion, we had Don S. on snare drum, Jon on bass drum and Steve on cymbals.

Our next event is the Cal-Mum Youth Baseball Parade on Saturday, May 4 at noon. See you there!

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