Caledonia Hometown Holidays Parade and Concert 2018

by Maria on December 3rd, 2018

Today, we had a double-header: Caledonia Hometown Holidays at noon and Scottsville's Parade of Lights at 6:15 pm. The skies were overcast and the temperature was mild in the upper 30s.

It was good to see Art, Mel, and Mike B. None of them has been able to march much this year, and we were glad they could join us today. We also had Ford playing trumpet with us. Ford plays in a number of local bands and knows several of our members, so he fit right in.

After the parade, we played in front of the fire hall for a while. Some of our favorite Christmas songs are too fast or too slow for marching, so this is a good time to play them.

We had a large color guard. Bob K. and Dennis carried the American and rifle. They were joined by children of band members: Angelina and Maddie, Grant and Ryan, AJ, and Zach.

For woodwinds, we had Tara and Tracey on flute; Mel, Kelly, Karen R., and Jodi on clarinet; Margaret, Steve, and Cindy on alto sax; Jack and Maria on tenor sax. For brass, we had Doug, Mike B., Matt H., Bob, Tom J. and Ford on trumpet; Art and Scott M. on trombone; Anya on baritone; Josh on sousaphone. For percussion, we had Don S. on snare; Andy and Jon on bass drum; Kristen on cymbals.

To pass the time between parades, we went to Daffies and had some food and beverage. We have one more parade tonight in Scottsville, and that will be the end of the 2019 season,

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