Palmyra Canal Town Days Parade 2018

by Maria on September 29th, 2018

Many years ago, Kelley's Heroes marched many times in the Palmyra Canal Town Days Parade. For the past several years, we marched in the Livonia Autumn in the Village Parade, which was the same weekend. Livonia still has its festival, but it no longer has a parade, so this year we went back to Palmyra and had a great time.

This was a long drive for our members who live on the west side of Rochester. Karen drove about an hour from Batavia; Jodi and Zach drove over an hour from Albion. It's a good thing Zach made the trip. He was the only trombone, and he did very well on the trombone solos.

The parade started at 4:00 pm. At about 3:20 pm, we got a call from the Jones family saying that they were just leaving Henrietta, where they had been watching their nephew play hockey. Tom had no idea how to get to Palmyra, so Maria gave him directions. It caused some concern that the Jones family might be late because they constituted one-fourth of the band for this parade, Luckily, they arrived a few minutes before we stepped off.

Kristen plays cymbals, and she knows where all the crashes are. For this parade, she carried the banner and her son, TJ, played cymbals. To cue TJ, she would point one hand up in the air, and it looked like she was disco dancing.

Our banner has a wood pole in the bottom to add weight and hold it down. Since Kristen was carrying the banner by herself, Steve took that pole out to make it lighter. Unfortunately, as he slid the pole out, a huge splinter lodged in his hand. It took quite a while for him to dig that out.

For woodwinds, we had Margaret on piccolo, Karen R. and Jodi on clarinet, Steve on alto sax and Maria on tenor sax. For brass, we had five trumpets: Doug, Matt H., Kayla, Tom J. and Bob. There was also Zach on trombone and Josh on tuba. For percussion, we had Scott M. on snare drum, Andy on bass drum and TJ on cymbals.

Our next event is Rochester Honor Flight on September 30. See you there!

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