Dewey/Stone Family Fun Night 2018

by Maria on July 27th, 2018

One of our flute players has a personal connection to the Dewey/Stone Family Fun Night. Tracey is a member of one of the churches in this neighborhood. This year, all three of Tracey's boys - Zach, Jake and Josh - participated in this event.

Our performance started with a very short parade marching once around the parking lot. Jake and Josh carried a kid-sized American flag while they led the band on a winding grapevine through the crowd. Zach carried Scott M.'s trombone so that Scott would be able to play it later.

Then we stood and played a few songs while neighborhood families enjoyed the food, crafts, activities and demonstrations by community partners. We were planning to play until about 8 pm, but there was other entertainment scheduled for 7:30 pm, so we were done early.

We had Irene and Tracey on flute, Kim and Allie on clarinet, Jack on tenor sax, Mike B. on trumpet, Scott M. doing double duty on trombone and snare drum, Josh on sousaphone, and Theresa on bells. Even though we were small in numbers, we got awesome compliments.

Our next event is the Rush Fire Department Parade.  See you there!

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