Hamlin FD Parade 2018

by Maria on June 19th, 2018

It was another beautiful night, and that brought out a good crowd for the Hamlin Fire Department Parade. We were marching with our friends in the Kendall/East Battalion Fire Departments. For the past several years, this parade has been in August, and we have had a light turn-out. This year, the date was moved into June, and we had a big turn-out.

When we met for the carpool, some people thought we had a new member. It turned out to be Allie. She's been away at college, so we haven't seen her for a while. She looked very different because of her hair; we've never seen it so short.

Update: ​We also found Doug's Hat. It came up missing after the York FD Parade. It turned out Tara had picked it up. When she was getting ready for this parade, she realized that she had two hats. That mystery was solved and the hat was returned to Doug.

Margaret and Steve parked at the Tops Plaza, so they were the first to be on site at the beginning of the parade. Margaret went looking for the stake marking our place in the parade and couldn't find one. She asked one of the parade workers where we were, and they didn't have us on their list. Margaret made sure they added us to the line-up.

Anya got to Tops Plaza and realized she forgot her lyre. She considered holding her music while marching but decided to walk all the way back to her car parked at the carnival, get her lyre and walk all the way back. As she said, "I just love walking the parade route four times."

Our banner carriers were Sarah's sister, Emma, and Karen R.'s grandson, Gabe. We had a whole row of clarinets: Kelly, Karen R., Jodi and Allie. There were three flutes: Karen G., Tara and Sarah. Margaret played alto sax and Jack and Maria played tenor sax. For brass, we had Doug, Mike B., and Bob on trumpet, Zach on trombone, Anya on baritone, and Josh on tuba. For percussion, we had Scott M., on snare drum, Steve on bass drum, and Andy and Nancy on cymbals.

We've had good luck playing Ghost Riders in the judging area. With it, we took second place in York and tonight Irene informed us that we also took second place in Spencerport.

Update: We won 1st  place for Best Appearing Unique Musical Unit. We're unique, all right!

At the beer tent, we played Sing, Sing, Sing with the Hilton Generations Band. One of the veterans approached the Hilton Band and asked them to play the Army theme song, and they did. Not to be outdone, one of the Marines veterans approached us and asked for the Marines' Hymn. We decided we might as well play the entire Armed Forces Salute and make everyone happy. Thank you to all veterans for your service to our country.

Our next event is the Penfield Independence Day Parade on Saturday, June 30. See you there!

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