Bergen Park Festival 2018

by Maria on June 16th, 2018

It was another nice day, warm but cloudy. That's good for all the outdoor events planned for this time of year: weddings, graduation parties and festivals. However, it creates a lot of conflicts for marching band attendance. We only had nine marchers, but all the parts were covered.

Margaret carried her alto sax and played the piccolo at the same time! Kelly played clarinet, Cindy played alto sax, and Maria played tenor sax. Jack played the trumpet part on his Midi wind instrument. Doug played the trumpet part on his trumpet, and Don H. played the sousaphone part on his helicon. Scott M. played snare drum and Steve played bass drum.

A major double track rail line goes through Bergen and the parade route crosses it. As we approached the tracks, the forward motion of the parade paused, leaving our back row - Scott M., Steve and Josh - standing on the tracks. When they told the front row to move up so they could get off the tracks, Margaret commented that Steve's life insurance was paid up.

After the parade, we played our concert at the pavilion in Hickory Park. It was cloudy enough that it was hard to see our music while standing under the pavilion. There was an easy fix: we just moved to stand in front of the pavilion to take advantage of more natural light.

Margaret wanted to play Cruella DeVille. For some reason Doug thought Cruella was a cat lady. Maria pointed out that Cruella was a dog lady, as in 101 Dalmatians. Instead of playing Cruella DeVille, we played a song about a cat - a really big cat named El Tigre. This made Don H. very happy. He pointed out that his part in the previous song only had four notes, but he had a good part to play in El Tigre.

Tyler stopped by during the concert. He recently had surgery and is looking forward to being cleared to march again. Get well soon, Tyler!

Our next event is the Hamlin Fire Department Parade on Friday. See you there!

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