Cal-Mum Memorial Day 2018

by Maria on May 29th, 2018

Most of May has had above average temperatures, and meteorologists have been comparing the weather to that of July. As expected, today was hot and sunny. Thank goodness Margaret and Steve filled a cooler with bottled water and dropped it off at the Legion before the parade.  It was nice to have something to drink after marching and before playing for the ceremony.

As spectators moved from the street to the Legion, Kelley's Heroes played Colonel Bogey March. During the ceremony, the High School Band under the direction of Matt Trost played You're a Grand Old Flag and Kelley's Heroes played Armed Forces Salute. After Jacob from the high school band played Taps, the combined bands played The Star-Spangled Banner and many spectators were inspired to sing along. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the combined bands played Battle Hymn Finale.


We welcomed Giovanna as a new member of color guard. She carried the rifle to guard the American flag, which was carried by Bob K. He has marched with us for several events, and we decided that it was time to change his status from "Tara's husband willing to help out" to member of the color guard. We also had two new banner carriers: Josh's daughter, Lilly, and her friend. Chloe.

We had TWO sousaphones, or more specifically Josh on sousaphone and Don H. on  helicon. Art and his trombone hopped in line just as we left the school driveway and turned onto North Main Street. He had to leave right after the parade to get back to Arbor Farms Greenhouse. Memorial Day is the big weekend for gardeners to buy and plant flowers. Other brass included Sue on trombone, and Scott W. and Arnie on trumpet.

It was nice to have Kevin playing snare drum and Nancy on cymbals. Scott M, also played snare drum, and Andy played bass drum. Jon, who usually plays bass drum, and Steve, who usually plays alto saxophone or occasionally bass drum, are coaches for Cal-Mum Youth Baseball teams. They both marched with their teams in this parade.

Woodwinds included Irene, Tracey and Tara on flute, Kelly on clarinet, Margaret and Cindy on alto saxophone and Maria on tenor saxophone.

Our next event is the York Fire Department Parade this Friday, June 1. See you there!

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