Rochester Lilac Festival 2018

by Maria on May 22nd, 2018

There was rain last night and there were a few sprinkles in the air as we stepped off. Even so, the weather was mostly cooperative for this year's Lilac Festival Parade. It was on the cooler side, so some Heroes wore their sweatshirts or jackets while others were comfortable in their short sleeve uniform shirts. We are ready for anything Mother Nature tries to throw at us.
Some of the Girl Scouts from Troop # 42182 who marched in color guard with us last week came back and marched with us again today. Their co-leader, Karen R., said they were busy this past week making purple tie-dye sunburst pattern t-shirts, which they accessorized with pink floral leis. Troop members Allison, Brianna and Brooke performed their flag routine. Co-leader Barb carried one end of the banner with one hand while she pushed a stroller containing her grandson with the other hand.
The other end of the banner was carried by Tara's husband, Bob.

It was nice to see Keenan. Last year, he wasn't able to make a single parade. He recently moved and lives within walking distance of Highland Park.

Steve normally plays alto sax, but we had four saxes so he played bass drum. That freed up Andy to play cymbals.

Woodwinds included Irene, Karen G. and Tara on flute, Karen R. and Jodi on clarinet, Margaret and Cindy on alto sax and Jack and Maria on tenor sax. Brass included Matt H., Bob, Scott W. and Mike W. on trumpet, Keenan on trombone and Josh on sousaphone. Percussion included Scott M. and Don S. on snare, Steve on bass drum, Andy on cymbals and Theresa on bells.

Our next event is the Memorial Day Parade in Caledonia. See you there!

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