Cal-Mum Youth Baseball Parade 2018

by Maria on May 18th, 2018

This parade was supposed to take place last Saturday, but it was raining and the decision was made to postpone. It turned out to be a very good decision because today was sunny and warm, and everyone was happy to be outdoors.

The high school band didn't march this year, so four of the seniors marched with us: Sarah E. on flute, Sarah B. and Matt on alto sax, and Trevor on trumpet. Sarah E. and Trevor have parents who are in the band, and they have previously marched with us as banner carriers or flag bearers.

We had a big color guard. Bob's sons, Grant and Ryan, carried the banner. Members of Karen R.'s Girl Scout Troop #42182 from Batavia marched as color guard. They researched color guard routines and created their own to earn a badge. Marchers included co-leader Barb and troop members Allison, Brianna, Brooke, Julia and Emily. A local girl, Tessa, carried another flag and Tracey's son, Jake, carried a rifle.

Woodwinds included Tracey and Tara on flute, Kelly and Karen R. on clarinet, Margaret on alto sax, Jack on tenor sax. Brass consisted of Matt H. and Bob on trumpet, Scott M. on trombone and Maria on sousaphone. Percussion included Don S. on snare drum and Andy on bass drum. Don had already marched another baseball in Pittsford earlier that morning!

Our next event is the Lilac Parade in Rochester next Saturday.

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