Rochester St. Patrick's Day Parade 2018

by Maria on April 7th, 2018

Last year, there was a dangerously cold wind chill the day of this parade, and we had to cancel our participation. This year. the temperature was almost 40. That's still chilly, but the sun was shining and our instruments were able to function properly.

The event committee had some new requirements this year. Bands had to have at least twelve people, a color guard and at least one Irish song. We don't have an Irish song in our library, so Maria created an arrangement of a medley of When Irish Eyes are Smiling, The Irish Washer Woman, and My Wild Irish Rose. Our founder, the late Tim Kelley, and one of our charter members, the late Don Pullyblank, were both very proud of their Irish ancestry, so it is very fitting for us to have an Irish song to play in their honor. 

We were lined up on one of the streets off East Avenue. The parade had already started and we had just been told that our division would be moving soon. Theresa's daughter, Taryn, and Taryn's boyfriend, Louis, were still missing. With just moments to spare, they arrived. Taryn carried one end of the banner and Louis carried the American flag. Taryn also brought her dog to march along.
Tara's husband, Bob, carried the other end of the banner and held on to Attila, who was wearing a Kelley's Heroes sweatshirt. Meredith carried a rifle and guarded the American flag.

Doug was just getting over bronchitis. He was going to march in the Buffalo parade the following day, but we had no trumpets for this parade, so he changed his plans. Karen L. wasn't planning to march either, but when she heard we needed trumpets, she was there.

For woodwinds, we had Irene, Karen G. and Tara on flute, Kelly on clarinet, Margaret on alto sax, and Maria on tenor sax. For brass, we had Doug and Karen on trumpet, and Josh on sousaphone. For percussion, we had Scott M. on snare drum, Steve on bass drum, Andy on cymbals and Theresa on bells. That makes a total of thirteen instruments and four color guard.

Our next event is the Buffalo St. Patrick's Day Parade tomorrow.

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