Toronto Santa Claus Parade 2017

by Maria on December 2nd, 2017

In the morning, it was sunny and the temperature was in the 40s, but there was a moderate breeze so it felt a little colder. While we were waiting to step off, a bank of clouds rolled in, and the sun was gone. Still, the marching was enough to keep most of us warm once we got on the street.

Sally Santora, from the Livingston County News, came to see us off. She took some pictures and interviewed the leadership team. There are four of us who have marched in the parade all 26 years: Josh, Marcia, Maria and Scott. On the other hand, we had seven first-timers: Jodi, Zach, Mike H., Irene B., Jack, Lesle, and Cindy.

On the bus ride up, Tara and Karen made matching red and green tutus. Tara even threaded a string of neon wire lights through the tulle. Since it was cloudy, the lights could actually be seen.

I want to make mention of my roommate, Jodi. I still enjoy marching this parade, even after 26 years. However, since I know what to expect, I don't get as excited as I used to. This was Jodi's first trip to Toronto, and she had enough excitement for both of us. When I woke up Sunday morning, Jodi was already dressed and ready to go. Seeing this parade through Jodi's eyes reminded me how special this parade is.

As we were lining up, Tara couldn't get her flute lyre to stay on her arm because the corner had broken off. Fortunately, Bob had a clip, so we clipped the elastic armband to the lyre. It wasn't a perfect solution, but it got Tara through the parade.

Two of Josh's Prime Time Brass colleagues marched with us: Russ on baritone and Jeff on drums. Mike H. and Irene B. dressed as elves and carried the banner.

On the return trip, Karen had to go through customs still wearing her tutu. It had a knot and she couldn't get it out. As we were leaving customs, Margaret dropped to her knees and undid the knot with her teeth. It looked a little strange, but it solved the problem.

There is one more event on our 2017 schedule, and that is Caledonia Hometown Holidays on Saturday, December 2. This weekend of activities will get you in the Christmas spirit. Hope to see you there!

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