Roberts Wesleyan College Homecoming Parade 2017

by Maria on November 2nd, 2017

Most of the summer was cool and rainy, so it's ironic that the first week of fall has a forecast of sunny days with temperatures into the 80s. Even though the morning was cool, by the time the parade started at 11:00 am, the sun was overhead and it was hot. As we walked through patches of shade, we could definitely feel a difference.

The saxophone section was well-represented. Margaret usually plays alto sax,  but today she played piccolo. There were no other flutes or clarinets. Cindy played alto sax, and Jack and Maria played tenor sax. Steve usually plays alto sax, but today he was covering bass drum.

Mike W., Bob and Tyler played trumpet. Mike W. drove an hour from Newark to march today. Tyler is a freshman at Roberts Wesleyan College. After he played trumpet with us for the parade, he helped out with one of the college homecoming activities. Then he had plans to do some homework in the afternoon. There were no trombones, and unfortunately no tuba. Maria did her best to play some tuba parts on the tenor sax.

Scott M. played snare drum and, as mentioned earlier, Steve played bass drum.

After the parade, we all stopped at Tim Hortons for a quick lunch and headed to Caledonia-Mumford Central School for the Caledonia Quilt Guild's Veterans Quilt Presentation. See the next post for that story.

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