Honor Flight Rochester 2017

by Maria on September 11th, 2017

Honor Flight is a wonderful event, and Kelley's Heroes was pleased to be part of today's celebration. According to the Honor Flight website, they accept applications from "veterans who served prior to 1964 along with veterans from any era who suffer a catastrophic illness. " The veterans fly to Washington, D.C. to see their war memorials. Upon their return, they are greeted at the airport by veterans groups, family and friends. Local bands take turns providing music for the festivities, and today was our turn.

We had a great turnout! Irene, Tracey and Tara played flute. Tracey had her three boys - Zach, Jake and Josh - in tow. They looked all-American in their Boy Scout uniforms. Marcia, Karen R. and Jodi played clarinet. Margaret, Steve and Mike H. played alto sax, and Jack and Maria played tenor sax. Heartbreak Hotel, a sax feature, sounded amazing with five saxes.

There were four trumpets: Matt H., Tom, Bob and Arnie. Arnie brought a large photo of his father, Stanley, a World War II vet to display next to our banner. Harold, Scott M. and Zach played trombone. Scott usually plays snare drum, but since we were indoors, one snare drum played by Don S. was enough. Harold and his wife, Emily (cymbals) brought their three-month-old daughter, Eva. She was all smiles listening to the music and watching the people. Josh played sousaphone.

Don S. played snare drum, and Kristen played bass drum. Emily and TJ played cymbals. TJ's sister, Kayla, was also present. She occasionally carries the banner when we march in parades, but soon she'll be old enough to play trumpet with us.

This week we received some good news. We won first place in the Hamlin FD Parade.

We have two events coming up on September 23. In the morning we'll be marching in the Roberts Wesleyan Homecoming Parade. Later, in the afternoon, we'll be playing for another event honoring our veterans. The Caledonia Quilt Guild will present quilts to about 100 Vietnam veterans.

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