Rush FD Parade

by Maria on September 3rd, 2017

There's been a lot of rain in recent days, and it has made the ground soggy. That's a problem for carnivals like Rush that park cars in grassy fields. The usual parking area was too muddy for parking, so most of us had to park along the roads, and that adds to the walking distance.
We marched with our good friends in the Clifton Fire Department. Clifton residents attend Cal-Mum school, so we're all one big happy family!

Don is pictured at right with his new helicon. It's a little smaller than a sousaphone but still has the edgy sound of a brass instrument.

Other brass players were Doug, Tyler, Tom J., Karen L. and Bob on trumpet and Art, Harold and Zach on trombone. Harold and Emily brought their new baby, Eva, to meet the band.

Percussion was a repeat of last night - Scott M. on snare drum, Andy on bass drum Theresa on bells - along with Kristen on cymbals.

Jack is pictured at left with his MIDI instrument. He used his engineering skills to design a backpack that houses the accompanying electronics, batteries and speakers. The next step is to go solar!

Other woodwind players included Karen G., Tracey, Tara and Elise on flute; Mel, Marcia, Kim, Allie and Jodi on clarinet, Margaret and Steve on alto sax and Maria and Jack on tenor sax.

Family members frequently march in our color guard. Tonight our color guard consisted of Karen G.'s fiance, Paul; Tom and Kristen's children, TJ and Kayla; Tracey's son, Zach; Karen L.'s nephew, Zach. The latter Zach has marched in our color guard for years and was the recipient of the 2017 Tim Kelley Heroes Scholarship.
Our next event is the Dewey/Stone Family Fun Night on July 25. See you there!

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