Hamlin FD Parade 2017

by Maria on September 3rd, 2017

This is another one of those parades we haven't done in a few years, so it was nice to be back in Hamlin. We marched with the Kendall/East Battalion Fire Departments.

There were no flutes, and we did miss hearing the trills on some of the songs. Kim, Karen and Jodi doubled most of the trills on the clarinet; Margaret played alto sax, and Maria and Jack played tenor sax.

Tyler, Matt H. and Bob played trumpet; Zach played trombone and Anya played baritone. Don played sousaphone (on his helicon). He had to leave right after the parade and couldn't stay for the beer tent. Some people take the bass line for granted, but It makes a big difference in the overall sound when a band loses its bass line.

Scott M. played snare drum, Steve played bass drum and Andy played cymbals.

Several of our band members play with other bands, and the beer tent is a good example of how we share. Some of our members were playing with The Hilton Generations Band tonight, and they invited us to play a joint rendition of Sing, Sing, Sing with them. Some of our band members also play with the Mark Time Marchers, and they had a parade the next morning, so we didn't want to stay too late.

The marching season is winding down. There are only two more events before we change over to Christmas music! Our next event is Honor Flight at the Rochester International Airport on Sunday, September 10.

Update: We took first place in the Hamlin FD Parade.

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