Dewey/Stone Family Fun Night 2017

by Maria on September 3rd, 2017

For several years now, we have participated in Dewey/Stone Family Fun Night.  After a very short parade - once around the church parking lot - we stand and play while families enjoy activities, crafts and demonstrations sponsored by community partners.

One of our flute players, Tracey, has a personal connection to one of the churches in the neighborhood. Other flute players were was Irene and Karen G. There was also Kim on clarinet, Margaret on alto sax, and Maria on tenor sax.

Even though Bob was all by himself on trumpet, he carried the part loud and clear. Josh played sousaphone. Josh also has a personal connection to this neighborhood because he used to live here. Once again, we had the same trio in our percussion section: Scott on snare drum, Andy on bass drum and Theresa on bells.

Tragedy struck as Margaret was putting her sax together. The mouthpiece slipped out of her hand, fell to the surface of the parking lot and shattered. The tip broke off and went flying; we couldn't even find it. Even if we had found it, we wouldn't have been able to do anything with it. It was beyond repair. Fortunately, Margaret had her husband, Steve's, saxophone in the car. He ended up working late and couldn't make it, so she borrowed his mouthpiece.

Our next event is the Clifton FD Parade on August 4. See you there!

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