Chil-E Festival 2017

by Maria on July 6th, 2017

This year, the Chil-E Festival seemed to be cursed right from the beginning. One of the festival organizers mentioned that fewer groups had signed up to participate, so the starting time of the parade was delayed to 5:15 pm.

For Kelley's Heroes, more band members had vacation plans and Fourth of July social events than usual. At one point, it looked like only eight people were going to march in the parade. Fortunately, a few people made changes to their plans, and we ended up with nineteen on the street.
Even so, we still felt the effect of the curse.

Poor Tara! She arrived at the parking area in uniform and realized that she had forgotten to put her bag in the car, so she didn't have her piccolo. She volunteered to carry the banner, but we already had that covered. There was nothing else for her to do, do she went home.

Allie went to put her clarinet together and her ligature was missing. She had an extra lyre, so she used the ring from the lyre to hold the reed in place.
When she got to the staging area, someone said a hose clamp would be better. Art reached into his pouch and pulled out two hose clamps. He usesthem to hold his lyre on his trombone. To tighten the hose clamp, Allie needed a screwdriver. Theresa reached into her pouch and pulled out a screwdriver. It was definitely a MacGyver moment.

The banner was carried by James and Irene B.. Her dog, Loki, walked along side. There were four clarinets in the front row: Marcia, Kelly, Kim and Allie. The second row had three flutes - Irene, Karen G. and Elise - and Jack on tenor sax.
We welcomed a new member, Tyler, on trumpet. He marched in the third row between Doug and Mike B.,with Art on trombone at the end of the row. The fourth row had Theresa on bells and Maria on sousaphone. The fifth row had Scott M. and Tim on snare drum and Andy on bass drum.

Several band members showed their holiday spirit with patriotic accessories. Irene and Elise wore matching red, white and blue skirts, and Loki wore red, white and blue bandannas. Theresa had flags in her hair and red, white and blue sunglasses that lit up. Marcia wore Pully's red, white and blue shorts.

Our next event is the Kendall Fire Department Parade on Friday, July 7. See you there!

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