Penfield Independence Day Parade 2017

by Maria on July 1st, 2017

The Penfield Independence Day Parade is very well-organized, but even the best parade committee can't control the weather. It was raining steadily while we were lining up. As we stepped off on the street, the rain stopped and it was cloudy but pleasant. As we neared the end of the parade, the steady rain returned.

We were dripping wet by the time we got back to our cars.  At least it was a warm rain, so it didn't harm anyone. Instruments and music, however, are a different story. Brass and percussion instruments tolerate rain fairly well, but wet woodwind instruments can suffer damage to pads and felts. To protect her alto sax, Cindy fashioned a cover out of a Buffalo Zoo poncho. Even though the music is carried in plastic sleeves, it will still get wet along the openings. If the folio is put away wet, the music will develop black spots of mildew.

We welcomed three new members: Jodi, Zach and Mike.  Jodi plays clarinet and Zach, her son, plays trombone. Mike H. is friend of Matt H.'s.

James and Gabe carried the banner. James is the son of Kelly and Jon; Gabe is the grandson of Karen R.  Tom J. and Kristen's son, TJ, carried the American flag and Mike H. guarded it with a rifle. This was Mike's first parade with us, and it looked like he was having a good time.

Other woodwinds included Margaret and Irene on piccolo, Karen R. on clarinet, Steve on alto sax, and Maria on tenor sax. Other brass included Doug, Bob, Tom J. and Matt H. on trumpet, Anya on baritone. and Josh on sousaphone.

Percussion included Scott M. and Tim on snare drum, Jon and Andy on bass drum and Kristen on cymbals. This was the first time Tim had been able to march with us this season. He inadvertently brought his Christmas folio, so he had to play the entire parade from memory. He did so well that no even noticed. The highlight of the street beat was hearing the cow bell. We suddenly realized how much we missed it.

Kelly marched along beside the banner pulling toddler AJ in a wagon. She did a great job coaching James and Gabe throughout the parade. Tim's wife, Amy, marched along beside the band pushing toddler Lucy in a stroller. Hopefully, these younger marchers will grow to become the next generation of Kelley's Heroes.

After the parade, Tom and Kristen invited us back to their house for a picnic. It was still raining outside, so we ate in the house. It gradually cleared, and some people went swimming. Why do we dislike getting wet marching in the rain but enjoy getting wet swimming?

Our next event is the Chil-E Fest on July 4th. See you there!

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