Bergen Park Festival 2017

by Maria on June 15th, 2017

The summer weather finally arrived and it was hot. Thank goodness there was a good breeze!

Nancy from the Bergen Public Library always does a nice job coordinating our participation at this event. She greeted us at the end of the parade and made sure we had everything we needed to do our concert in the park. Thanks, Nancy!

Cindy came back! Marching band is a new experience for Cindy, and her first parade was Memorial Day. She and Margaret played alto sax and Jack played tenor sax. Jack lives in Bergen, and he had a good time being part of this hometown event. Tara was the only flute, and there were no clarinets.

We had four trumpets: Doug, Mike B., Karen L. and Scott W.. Scott W. was glad to be paying trumpet. He also plays snare drum, but he still had blisters from the Spencerport parade. Keenan played trombone. This was first event he's been able to make this season, and he sounded strong. Maria played sousaphone.

Scott M. played snare, Steve played bass drum and Andy played cymbals.

Our next event is a memorial service for Bob Pullyblank. Bob's brother, Don, who died last October, was one of our founding members. Bob was always very supportive of Kelley's Heroes, and his family invited us to be play a couple of songs during his memorial service on Saturday, June 24 at 11:00 am on the Caledonia-Mumford Central School football field. See you there!

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