Spencerport FD Parade 2017

by Maria on June 13th, 2017

The weather was perfect for a parade, and that brought out a huge crowd of spectators.

Most of our banner carriers are relatives of band members. This night, our banner carriers were Emma and TJ. Emma's sister plays flute and her mother plays trombone. TJ's father plays trumpet and his mother plays cymbals.

We had a whole row of clarinets: Mel, Marcia, Kim and Allie. Allie just finished her first year at Potsdam, and it was nice to have her back in the area to play with us. There were three flutes: Elise, Margaret and Sarah. Sarah marched with us for the Cal-Mum Youth Baseball Parade, but this was her first parade as an official member of Kelley's Heroes. Jack played tenor sax and Maria played alto sax.
On Memorial Day, we welcomed Sue, a new trombone player. Afterward, she commented that she was grateful that Art, one of our experienced trombone players had been marching behind her so that she could hear and follow him on the trombone part. Coincidentally, Sue's brother is also named Art, and he is also a trombone player. They played side by side through most of their school years, so it sounds very natural to say that the trombone section consisted of Sue and Art.

It was nice to see Karen L. on trumpet. It's been a while since she's been able to make an event. Doug and Tom J. filled out the rest of the trumpet section. Anya played baritone and Josh played sousaphone.

Scott M. and Don S. played snare drum, Andy played bass drum and Kristen played cymbals.
As we turn into the carnival grounds, it's tradition for our band to split and stand at the sides of the street to let the Clifton FD march through us while we play Colonel Bogey March. Then they do the same for us. Just as we were splitting, Tom J. stepped on Maria's heel and her shoe came off on the street.

Irene B. had to work, so she didn't make the parade. However, she was at the carnival grounds afterward with her dog, Loki. He is an adorable American Eskimo beagle mix.

We had some good news: Karen G. is getting married in September. Best wishes, Karen!

Our next event is the Bergen Park Festival this Saturday. See you there!

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