Rochester Lilac Festival 2017

by Maria on May 30th, 2017

The forecast called for a scattered showers, but they held off and it was cool and cloudy for the parade. That's not a bad thing for marching, or for the spectators, either. There was a good crowd for the parade.

Tara's son, Peyton, and husband, Bob, carried the banner. We were right behind one of the school bands. After we played a couple of songs, their band director came to Bob and Peyton and asked them to increase our following distance because they were having trouble hearing themselves.

None of our trombones could make it, so Jack and Maria on tenor sax and Anya on baritone horn did their best to cover the part. When we played Seventy-Six Trombones, Anya carried the melody on the baritone horn. The trumpets were strong with Mike W., Bob and Matt H.; Josh played sousaphone.

Tara was the only flute, Marcia and Mel played clarinet and Margaret played alto sax. Steve played bass drum so Andy could play cymbals. Scott and Don played snare, and Theresa played bells.

Our next event is the Cal-Mum Memorial Day Parade. See you there!

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