Buffalo St. Patrick's Day Parade 2017

by Maria on March 21st, 2017

Usually our marching season starts with the Rochester St. Patrick's Day Parade, but we had to cancel our participation in that event last week. First, there was the windstorm that knocked out power to tens of thousands of homes in our area. Second, there was the snowstorm that dumped over two feet of snow. Third, there was the brutal cold. The temperature was in the upper teens and it was windy. We just didn't have have enough people to march.

Buffalo was a totally different story. Even though it was cloudy, the temperature was near 40 degrees and the air was calm. With all of our layers, some of us almost felt warm toward the end of the parade.
We had 22 people and 1 dog on the street. Tara and her son, Peyton, carried the banner. Their dog, Attila, marched along decked out in her St. Patrick's Day outfit.

We welcomed a new member, Elise's friend, Irene, on snare drum. Since we had Irene and Don S. on snare drum, Scott M. played trombone, which was a good thing because he was the only one. The percussion section was completed by Jon on bass drum, Andy on cymbals and Theresa on bells.
Don H. made a personal sacrifice and played a fiberglass sousaphone for this parade. He prefers the sound of a metal sousaphone, but it's heavier and it's been difficult to carry since he injured his shoulder. Mike W. also made a sacrifice. He drove an hour from his home to Caledonia, then rode in the carpool for an hour and a half. From beginning to end, this was an 8 1/2 hour day for Mike!

Mel's clarinet reed broke shortly before the parade started. She ran back to her car, got a new reed and got back just in time to step off with us. The woodwind section was completed by Irene and Karen on flute, Margaret and Steve on alto sax, and Jack and Maria on tenor sax.

We had four trumpets: Bob, Matt H., Mike W. and Doug. Doug gave us an update on his brother, Art, who fell and broke his fibula. It was repaired with a plate and screws, and he is hobbling around the greenhouse getting ready for spring. Get well soon, Art!

Bob and Anya left their two boys with Bob's parents while they marched in the parade. The boys watched the parade live on television and were excited that they got to see both of their parents.

It was a good start to the 2017 marching season. Our next event is the Cal-Mum Youth Baseball Parade on April 29. Another short parade. See you there!

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