Roberts Wesleyan College Homecoming Parade 2016

by Maria on September 24th, 2016

This is the parade we almost didn't do. We've marched in this parade for several years. However, this year is the 150th anniversary of Roberts Wesleyan College. Being a special year, the planning committee wanted to do some different things and less money was budgeted for marching bands. Then, one of the other groups had to cancel, and Kelley's Heroes was back in.

We're glad it worked out for us. It was a beautiful day. After the hot summer we've had, the weather was comfortably clear and cool. There was a great crowd, too. The 150th anniversary attracted many more alumni than usual.

James and Angelina carried the banner. Jon pushed Andrew in a stroller and Maddie walked along side. That freed Kelly to play clarinet, and Steve played bass drum in place of Jon. Maria subbed on sousaphone.

Scott, Matt and Bob played trumpet; Pully, Anya and Keenan played baritone/trombone; Margaret and Jack played saxophone; Mel played clarinet; Scott played snare. Tara played her new piccolo.

This is the last parade of the regular season. Now we turn our attention to the Christmas parades in Toronto and Caledonia. Watch for us as we practice while marching around Caledonia in November.

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