Livonia Autumn in the Village 2016

by Maria on September 10th, 2016

For the past three years, this event has been plagued by rain. Today, there was rain in the forecast, but not until later in the day. It was warm and humid during the parade, but it didn't rain.

There was a miscommunication with our snare drummers. None of them showed up. We were preparing to march without one, and we put all our faith in Steve on bass drum and Andy on cymbals. The Mark Time Marchers, on the other hand, had three snare drummers. One of them, Don, plays with both bands. Margaret talked to Bob, leader of Mark Time Marchers and also a member of both bands. In a true spirit of cooperation, Don, still wearing his green Mark Time Marchers shirt, marched with us.

After the parade, Kelley's Heroes and Mark Time Marchers did a joint concert in the festival area. Maria and Bob put special concert books together containing all the songs the two bands have in common plus a few additional tunes from each band. It was fun to perform as a combined band and the sound was incredible. 

The bass section was amazing! During the parade, Don played sousaphone with us, so Josh played sousaphone with his other band, Prime Time Brass. During the concert, both of them, as well as Jim, another Prime Time Brass sousaphonist, played with the combined bands. Add John, who marches with the baritone sax for Mark Time Marchers, and it was a powerful bass section.

A father and son were in the audience. The son is learning to play tuba at school, and he was watching intently. We asked them to take a picture of us using Karen phone.
Our next parade is the Roberts Wesleyan College Homecoming Parade on September 24. See you there!

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