Caledonia 125th Anniversary Parade

by Maria on July 30th, 2016

It's been a hot dry summer. There was a sprinkle of rain just before the parade started. Even though we could use the rain, we hoped it would hold off until after the festivities. In the end, it didn't rain any more in Caledonia, but we heard that it rained quite a bit just south of us in York.

James's whole family marched with Kelley's Heroes today. He held one end of the banner and his mother, Kelley, carrying brother AJ, held the other end. James's father, Jon, played bass drum.

There were four trumpets: Doug, Mike B., Bob and Scott W.; four trombones and baritones: Pully, Anya, Scott M. and Keenan; three flutes: Irene, Elise and Tracey; two clarinets: Marcia and Kim; one saxophone: Maria; one sousaphone: Don H.; four percussion: Don S., Jon, Andy and Nancy.

Keenan came back! He played his first event as a guest with Kelley's Heroes a few days ago at the Dewey Avenue Family Festival. Now he'll wants to be a regular member. If you want to join, click on "Join" at the top of this page, fill in the requested information and Submit.

Several hours after the parade, Maria was in Avon and still wearing her Kelley's Heroes shirt. A couple of people stopped her and told her how much they enjoyed the Caledonia parade and specifically the music of Kelley's Heroes.

Our next event is this Friday when we'll march with the Chili FD in the Clifton FD Parade. See you there!

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