Rush FD Parade 2016

by Maria on July 29th, 2016

For several years, we've lined up at the United Methodist Church parking lot, so several of us walked down the Lehigh Valley Trail and automatically went there. There was no sign of the Clifton FD, so we knew we were in the wrong place. We started walking back through the parade units and found them near the Post Office.

It was nice to see Mel and Art. Neither one of them has been able to make many events this year. Kim played clarinet with us, Irene played with Hilton Generations Band, and Karen was working. Steve played bass drum.

There was a special moment at the end of the evening. Rush has a large beer tent, and after the parade there were at least six bands taking turns playing. As daylight fades, it gets harder for us to see our music. Just as everyone was getting ready to call it a night, Arnie started playing The Star-Spangled Banner. Soon, most of the remaining musicians joined in proving that music brings us together.

Our next event is the Dewey Avenue Family Festival on July 26. See you there!

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