Dewey Avenue Family Festival 2016

by Maria on July 29th, 2016

We have a special connection to this event. One of our members, Tracey, belongs to the Bethany Presbyterian Church. They let the the Dewey Avenue Family Festival use their parking lot as the site for their booths and games. Our part is pretty simple: we march around the festival parking lot a couple of times, find a shady spot and play for a while.

Many band members were on vacation this week, so we knew attendance would be light. As everyone gathered in a nearby parking lot, we realized that there were no trumpets. Scott was prepared to cover the parts and play the melodies on the trombone. As the band moved from the parking lot to the festival site, they were happy to see Mike B. waiting under a tree. He rose to  the challenge of being the only trumpet and saved the day.

Josh was so excited about this event that he showed up two weeks early! He took it all in good humor and came back to play on the correct date. Ironically, he had a similar experience in the same neighborhood a few years ago. He showed up for the Barnard FD Parade only to find out that it wasn't even on our schedule and no one else was there.

Irene brought a friend, Keenan, to play trombone. Welcome, Keenan! Scott called numbers "on the street."

Our next event is the Caledonia 125th Anniversary Parade. See you there!

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