York FD Parade 2016

by Maria on June 8th, 2016

Kelley's Heroes is based in Caledonia, and York is our neighboring community to the south. We have many connections with York, especially through our farming community.

It was rough evening for some band members. Jon fell in a hole. According to Kelly, he fell in a hole, rolled over his bass drum and landed on the ground. He called Maria's cell phone to find out where we were lining up, but she didn't check her messages until the next day at the Mendon parade. Josh P. forgot his hat and brought the wrong music. He had his Christmas folio instead of his summer folio. Fortunately, Tom had a extra copies of a few of the songs and shared them with Josh P.

It was good evening for other band members. Tara, who has been laid up with a foot and leg injury, did so well at the Memorial Day parade that she decided to march in this parade as well. Tara's son, Payton, also marched and played cymbals. TJ and Kayla carried the banner.

Our next parade is tomorrow evening in Mendon. See you there!

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