Mendon FD Parade 2016

by Maria on June 8th, 2016

This was a special day for Kelley's Heroes. This is the 25th anniversary of the very first parade Kelley's Heroes ever marched. It brought back many memories. For example, Scott M. has mostly played snare drum for the past several years, but for this parade he wanted to play trombone and march in the front left corner just as he did in that first parade.

A few former members joined us for our 25th anniversary: Adrienne, Scott, Kevin, Doug and Sean all marched in the parade. Scott and Adrienne's daughter, Meghan, and her friend, Kaelyn carried the banner for the parade. Pam didn't march, but she did join us afterward at Avvino Restaurant. She's planning to get her clarinet fixed so that she can march again in the future.

Mike W. and Larry marched with the Penfield Band aka the Clyde-Saxton Band. They couldn't attend the party afterward, but they did play a couple of tunes with us in the beer tent.

We went to Avvino Restaurant for some refreshments. Irene made arrangements for some delicious hors d'oeuvres and a cake with our band picture printed on the frosting. She also brought a framed picture of Tim and a collection of pictures she has taken over the years. Along with pictures of band members, there were pictures of her daughters, Karen and Kim, carrying the banner when they were still too young to play in the band. Now both play in the band.

Our next event is the Spencerport FD Parade on Thursday. See you there!

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