Cal-Mum Memorial Day 2016

by Maria on June 1st, 2016

After the cool spring we have had, this Memorial Day weekend was unusually hot and humid. Fortunately, there was a nice breeze to make the day more comfortable. Even so, we were glad Margaret had put a cooler of bottled water at the end of the parade.

Angelina and Claire had so much fun carrying the banner for the Youth Baseball Parade that they offered to carry it again for this parade. Kelly and Jon's baby rode alongside the band in a stroller pushed by Aleesa's friend, Romero.

We were happy to see a few people who haven't been able to march with us for a while. Tara marched her first parade of the year; she's been laid up with a foot and leg injury. It was nice to have Kevin on snare drum and Scott W. on snare drum and trumpet, our only trumpet for the day. Congratulations to Kevin and his wife, Amy, who had their 9-month old baby in tow.

With Kevin and Scott W. playing snare drums, Scott M. was freed up to play trombone along with Art. Harold joined them for the ceremony, but during the parade, he drove his 1942 Army Jeep. Allie played with the high school band during the parade and with Kelley's Heroes during the ceremony. Pully played valve trombone for the parade and trumpet for Taps; the echo was played by former Kelley's Heroes member, John.

Next weekend will be a busy one for Kelley's Heroes. Friday evening, we have the York FD Parade. Saturday evening, we have the Mendon FD Parade followed by our 25th Anniversary Celebration. 

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