Rochester St. Patrick's Day Parade 2016

by Maria on March 22nd, 2016

Thanks to El Nino, it's been a mild winter and that was definitely the case for this parade. It was just over 60 degrees and even Marcia didn't need to wear her turtleneck under her sweatshirt. We have green sweatshirts that some of us wear for our Christmas parades and all of us wear for the St. Patrick's Day parades, except for Doug. He was a lone red blossom among copious green leaves.

We had 26 people on the street. Steve carried one end of the banner. He recently had shoulder surgery and couldn't  play his saxophone because his arm was in a sling. The other end of the banner was carried by Steph's friend, Will. Will used to play trumpet, so we're hoping he'll march with us again and consider playing trumpet.

Kelly and Jon's son, James, marched along and played his recorder. Margaret's niece, Krissy, came from Buffalo State College to play piccolo. Tara wanted to march and play flute, but she's laid up with a broken leg! Pully and Maria played trumpet along with Doug, Mike B. and Josh P.

Tim played snare. He wasn't planning to do this parade, but all the other snare drummers had other obligations, so he rose to the occasion. Thanks, Tim!

Next Sunday, we'll be marching in the Buffalo St. Patrick's Day Parade. Would it be too much to ask for another nice day?

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