Roberts Wesleyan College Homecoming Parade 2015

by Maria on September 27th, 2015

It was another beautiful day! It was a little cool in the morning, so some Heroes layered a long sleeve shirt under their uniform shirts. However, by the end of the parade, it was warm enough to break a sweat. Several of us were glad that Margaret brought a cooler of bottled water and eagerly drank up after the parade.

There were only twelve of us, but all the parts were covered except trombone. Pully plays treble clef baritone, which frequently - but not always - doubles the trombone part. The rest of time, he just fakes it, especially on his favorite, Sweet Caroline.

Steve drove from work in Filmore to UB to pick up Krissy so that she could play flute along with Irene and Elise. Kelly left her husband, Jon, with their sons, James and AJ, at camp. Kim played clarinet and Margaret played sax. Mike W. and Doug played trumpet, Maria played sousaphone, Scott played snare and Steve played bass drum.

On the way to the parade, Pully noticed that Dave Zavacki was having a yard sale. Dave used to play bass drum with us. On the way home, Scott and Maria stopped to see Dave. He's doing well and sends his greetings to everyone.

This parade marks the end of our summer season. In October, we'll switch to our Christmas folders and have a few practices to get ready for the Toronto Santa Claus Parade and the Caledonia Hometown Holidays Parade. See you there!

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