Livonia Autumn in the Village 2015

by Maria on September 14th, 2015

Livonia just can't seem to catch a break from the weather for their Autumn in the Village Community event. Two years ago, the parade started under cloudy skies and a monsoon blew through before we reached the review stand. Last year, it was cool with light rain. This year again,  it was cool with light rain. Even so, those who came to march in the parade or watch it from the sidelines had a good time.

Livonia's parade committee deserves kudos for adapting the parade to the situation. Because of the weather, several units didn't show up, and this has a negative effect on the bands. When there aren't enough non-musical units, the bands are too close to each other. The musicians can hear more than one street beat and it's hard to stay together. The parade committee made some last minute changes to move units around so that the bands were evenly spaced. It should also be noted that Livonia runs the best shuttle bus service of all the parades we attend.

There were 17 people on the street and 10 of us had also played the parade the previous evening in Brighton: Irene, Kelly, Margaret, Jen, Maria, Doug, Mike B. Mike W., Andy and Scott M.. Four others who had marched with Kelley's Heroes in Brighton were marching with the Mark Time Marchers in Livonia: Bob, Tom J., TJ and Karen R.. After the parade, the two bands joined together for a concert at the festival grounds. We took advantage of having twice as many musicians and chose music that was loud and exciting.

Ed made his debut on cymbals. He has been marching in color guard, but he was the only one in attendance for this parade. Andy gave Ed a quick lesson, and the two of them played cymbals for the parade and concert. Steve played bass drum. All three Goldfines were present: Irene, Karen and Kim.

Our next event is the Roberts Wesleyan College Homecoming Parade on September 26. See you there!

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