Dewey Avenue Family Festival 2015

by Maria on July 30th, 2015

Kelley's Heroes has a personal connection to this event. One of our members, Tracey, belongs to the Bethany Presbyterian Church, where the Dewey Avenue Family Festival is held. The warm sunny evening attracted a good crowd. The temperature hit 90 degrees today, so we wore shorts and baseball caps with our uniform shirts. After we marched around the church parking lot, we stood in the shade and played some of our favorite tunes.

Mike B.'s wife, Kaleigh, came along to watch, but we talked her into carrying one end of the banner. Thanks, Kaleigh! We'd love to have you do that again. Andy Z. carried the other end of the banner. This is the last event Andy and Camille will do as singles. The next time we see them, they'll be Mr. and Mrs..  Best wishes to Camille and Andy!

Don S. played snare, so Scott was able to play trombone along with Tom P.. Scott also covered the melody on on the coda of When Will I See You Again. Usually Pully and Maria play that in the baritone part, but they were both playing trumpet.

Somehow Karen L. didn't receive the original email with details about this event. She sent out her own urgent email this afternoon asking for someone to send her the information. Of course, she received several replies because we all wanted her to be there.

Josh used to live in North Greece, so this participating in this event is like visiting an old friend. He got everyone's attention when he pulled up in a red Mustang convertible with a shiny metal sousaphone in the back seat. Marcia was following him and hoping she made it through all the intersections without having her picture taken.

Earlier this year, we marched two parades with the Clifton FD at Spencerport and Rush and won prizes in  both parades. On August 7, we'll be marching in Clifton with the Chili FD and hoping to extend our winning streak.

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