Bergen Park Festival 2015

by Maria on June 14th, 2015

We were very lucky with weather for our parades this week. Thursday was a perfect day for a parade in Spencerport, Friday it rained, but there was no parade. Saturday was perfect again for the Bergen Park Festival Parade and Concert.

It was a great day for rail fans. A main line goes through Bergen. As we were walking to the staging area at the fire hall, we had to wait at the railroad crossing while a CSX freight train went west to east. Later during the parade, we had to wait again while another CSX freight train went east to west and, seconds later, an Amtrak passenger train went west to east.

Elise made it across the tracks just before the second set of trains. Theresa had been walking in the flute row, since her bell part is similar to the flute part. However, she moved back to the percussion section so Elise could take her place in the flute row alongside Tara, Aleesa and Irene. The clarinets also had their own row with Marcia, Kelly, Jess and Laural.

Tom P., Sr. and Lori carried the banner. Erin pulled a wagon with the next generation of Kelley's Heroes: James, Angelina and Maddie. Doug would have been the only trumpet player, so Pully and Maria joined him. Josh had all his music (see the blog for the Spencerport FD Parade).

It was hot in the midday sun. When we reached Hickory Park, we decided to stand under one of the pavilions for the shade. Nancy, our parade contact, brought us a cooler of cold bottled water. Thanks, Nancy!

The local veterans had a flag burning ceremony next to the pavilion. We played Battle Hymn Finale at the beginning and God Bless the USA at the end. Then we  began our concert. 

Steph had to work in the morning. She missed the parade but made it in time for the concert. Since there were two snares for the parade - Scott and Tim - Scott took advantage of the opportunity to play trombone during the concert.

Maria had to leave part way through the concert to go to a wedding. She could hear the band playing Border Crossing loud and clear from the parking area. Sounded great!

Our next event is the Chil-E Fest on Saturday, July 4. See you there!

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