York FD Parade 2015

by Maria on June 8th, 2015

After getting soaked in Mendon last week, many of us were keeping an eye to the sky in York. As we were marching on Route 36, we could see dark clouds and lightning to the north, but we stayed dry.

When Tim Kelley started the band, his goal was to have at least 15 people marching on the street.  We usually have between 20-25, but tonight we had 31 marchers! The Benedicts have family ties in York, so Art, Doug, Mike, and Tim were all there. Art accidentally wore his old uniform shirt. He said he reached into his closet, pulled out the shirt and put it on without giving it much thought. We're just glad you came, Art!

Poor Laural. She showed up for the car pool, and when it was time to leave, her car wouldn't start. She couldn't ride with anyone else because she needed to drive straight to work after the parade. Unfortunately, she had to stay behind, take care of her car and go to work.

Tom P., Sr. marched his first parade and carried the banner for us for the Cal-Mum Memorial Day Parade. He had so much fun, he talked his girlfriend, Lori, into marching tonight. Tom carried the American flag and Lori carried the New York State flag. Kristen carried a rifle and marched as the guard. TJ and Kayla carried the banner.

Nancy played cymbals and Maria played sousaphone. Just as we were leaving the judging area, Jen and Camille jumped in line. They were running late, so they missed most of the parade, but they stayed and played in the beer tent. We had a great time playing some of our favorite older songs.

We have two events coming up in the next week: Thursday evening we'll be marching in the Spencerport FD Parade; Saturday at noon we'll be marching in the Bergen Park Festival Parade and playing a concert afterward. Come and see us!

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