Rochester Lilac Festival 2015

by Maria on May 14th, 2015

Today was unusually hot for western New York. It was sunny and ultimately reached a temperature of 92 degrees. Even so, Kelley's Heroes came through with 27 people on the street.

Several members shared good news: Camille and Andy Z. got engaged and Jen and Ed got engaged. Congratulations! Andy and Ed carried the banner in today's parade.

Steve wants to learn more about percussion, so he played bass drum along with Andy H.. Harold's Uncle Nate was visiting from New Jersey, where he plays in a marching band. We fitted him with a shirt, a hat, and a trombone and he was good to go.

Karen R. went through a lot of trouble to get her purple clarinet. Her granddaughter has been borrowing it for school, so Karen went to her granddaughter's house to pick it up. When she got back in the the car, it wouldn't start. Her son-in-law had to jump the battery, then Karen had to drive back home, switch cars and drive to Rochester. She made it with just a few minutes to spare.

Melody wasn't sure if she was going to be able to march today or not. When we stepped off, she hadn't arrived, so we assumed she wasn't coming. Two blocks later, she suddenly appeared, stepped in line and started playing. That means we had five clarinets today.

Our next parade is Memorial Day in Caledonia. See you there!

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