Roberts Wesleyan College Homecoming Parade 2014

by Maria on September 28th, 2014

There's been a long run of good weather this fall. We've had about two weeks of sunny days in the 70s. For the Roberts Wesleya College Homecoming Parade, it was chilly earlier in the morning, so a few band members layered their uniform shirts with long sleeved shirts. By the end of the parade, everyone was warm enough and some of us were glistening.

We lined up in a parking lot on the north end of the campus and walked down a long driveway to the actual start on the parade. It reminded us of the Toronto Santa Claus Parade where the bands enter the parade through a section of the street lined with barricades known as "The Chute." We were laughing and joking in the RWC chute but once we reached Westside Drive, we were all business.

There were four trumpets: Liz, Candy, Bob and Arnie. They were joking about a "new" trumpet player named "Sandy." Candy recently started a new job and her boss keeps calling her Sandy. No matter what she's called, we are confident that "Candy/Sandy" will work hard and do a good job.

We're lucky that we have several people in our band who play multiple instruments. There were three flutes - Irene, Tracey and Elise - so Margaret and Jen played alto sax. Along with Steve and Maria, that gave us four saxes.  Liz had the whistle. Harold played sousaphone.

We have one more event before we swtich gears into Christmas mode. This Friday, October 3, Caledonia-Mumford School is having a homecoming parade on the street. See you there!

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