Hamlin FD Parade 2014

by Maria on August 10th, 2014

Summer is winding down. The Hamlin FD Parade is the last fire department parade of the season on our schedule, but don't worry because there are still a few festival parades to do. Hamlin was also our last parade of the season with our new fire department, Kendall/East Batallion. It's been fun, and we hope we can do it again next year.

We lined up behind Tops Friendly Market. Just beyond the driveway, there is a soggy area with a stand of cattails. Andy picked a few leaves and proceeded to show us how to pull the edge and launch the leaf into the air. We picked enough leaves for everyone and turned this into a team-building exercise. On the count of three, 19 cattail leaves flew into the air.

We found out that we won first place in Kendall. Liz took the whistle so that Maria could concentrate on  playing sousaphone. Jen played alto sax. Sally played flute.

An antique truck broke down near the beginning the parade and we were routed around it. Later when they got it running, a fireman motioned us to move to the right and let the truck pass. Both times, we were in the middle of playing a song , yet both maneuvers were completed without missing a beat.

In the beer tent, we played several songs with the Mark Time Marchers. For our grand finale, we played Sing, Sing, Sing with the Mark Time Marchers and the Hilton Generations Band. Three bands at once! It was an incredible sound.

Our next event is the Livonia Autumn in the Village Parade on Saturday, September 13. See you there!

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