Dewey Avenue Festival 2014

by Maria on August 5th, 2014

Kelley's Heroes has a personal connection to the Dewey Avenue Festival. One of our members, Tracey, attends Bethany Presbyterian Church, which is located in the heart of this neighborhood. The festival is part of National Night Out, an effort to promote police-community partnerships and deter crime.

As the carpool approached the staging area, we saw a couple of men in red shirts sitting on a bench in front of Villa of Hope. It was Don S. and Bob; they had arrived early and were patiently waiting for the rest of us.

A Greece police officer greeted us when we walked over to the festival. They were conducting a demonstration with a police dog, and he asked if we could wait until they were finished. We watched as the German shepherd eagerly "attacked" an officer wearing a bite sleeve. Then for the finale, the dog opened the police car door and jumped in.

We played a couple of songs as we marched around the perimeter of the festival. Then we lined up in the center and played more of our favorite tunes. Several people stopped by to tell us that our music added to the festive atmosphere, and they were appreciative that most of us came all the way from Caledonia. However, some band members came even farther: Mike W. and Larry came from Clyde, Josh came from Farmington, Marcia came from Victor.

Donovan played bass drum, Trevor and Connor carried the banner. Jen made her debut on alto sax.

Our next event is the Hamlin FD Parade on Friday. It's the last fire department parade of the season. Where has the summer gone?

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