Hilton FD Parade 2014

by Maria on July 27th, 2014

The Hilton FD Parade has always been one of our favorites, and thousands of other people must agree. The traffic getting into Hilton was bumper-to-bumper for miles. The carpool barely got into the carnival grounds parking lot before the roads were closed. Marcia didn't make the cut-off and had to park further down the road. Fortunately, we were near the end and had plenty of time to get organized before stepping off.

We marched with the Kendall/East Battalion Fire Departments. They enjoyed watching us pair up and zig-zag through the street playing I Heard It Through the Grapevine. We're hoping they'll pair up and zig-zag along with us at the next parade.

It was especially nice to see Kathy and Rick. Both of them have had family obligations that have prevented them from attending Kelley's Heroes events for over a year. It was also nice to have Karen L.'s neice, Hailey, carry the banner. Hailey carried the banner a lot last year, but her schedule has been busy this year.

At the beer tent, we played a few of our favorite songs. Sean, from the Hilton Generations Band,  invited us to play Sing, Sing, Sing with them since we both have the same arrangement in our folios. It's exciting to have twice as many musicians and twice the sound that we have when we play it by ourselves.

We found out that we won a prize in Spencerport. We're not sure which prize it was because there was no notation on the check that arrived in the mail, but it's nice to win a prize just the same.

Our next event is the Byron Heritage Festival Parade on Saturday. July 26. See you there!

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